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The widest range of summer camps available in Ireland

At JEKA, we have over 50 years experience creating memorable group holidays and we enjoy what we do. We offer a wide range of destinations and activities so as to suit the needs of each and every individual group and we are committed to making sure you have the best time possible.

Our destinations and locations are chosen carefully to reflect the local culture of the region so you really get the full experience of a summer camp abroad. Throughout this brochure you will find a brief description of each destination we offer. We can further provide you with more details of any destination you are interested in and we can of course offer advice if there are any particular aspects of your trip you are concerned about.

We have always strived to offer groups the best value for money possible without compromising on quality. When a group plans and saves for up to a year to travel with us, we believe they should have the very best time possible. Every group is unique and we will help you plan your specialized programme ensuring you do exactly what you want to do. You will, in conjunction with any other group/s sharing the coach, have control over your itinerary, and we're always delighted to advise and discuss the planning with you. Accommodation is in individual self catering centres which allow groups to really experience a team spirit together. Whilst you enjoy yourselves and relax, we will take care of your transport, accommodation and we'll even deliver fresh food to your door daily. In each of our destinations, we have a team of JEKA volunteers readily available to assist you. Our volunteers give up their time to ensure you experience the best of everything your location has to offer. They will call to your centre once a day to check in with you and make sure your adventure is running smoothly. They also have extensive local knowledge and will be glad to share tips and recommendations. And rest assured, we offer a 24 hour back up service in case of emergency.

Why choose Jeka?

  • Over 50 Years experience arranging Youth Group Holidays
  • Book in Ireland through the Jeka Irish office
  • Your own individual self catering centre for the sole use of your group
  • All food provisions included in the price and delivered to your centre
  • 120 self catering centres in 9 different European countries
  • 500 kilometres free excursion use of coach in resort for all tours starting in Brussels Charleroi, Frankfurt Hahn or any other airport for a tour which includes the coach remaining with you in resort
  • Chalet of your choice (subject to availability and conditions). Early booking essential
  • All our centres are situated in a local environment, giving you a true taste of local life and customs
  • Jeka is a fully bonded member of ABTA. We also hold an ATOL licence in the UK and are bonded with the Commission for Aviation Regulation in Ireland
  • Our centres are used by groups from around Europe giving you the chance of meeting different nationalities

Authentic locations

All our centres are situated in a local environment not in purpose built holiday villages giving you a true taste of local life and customs.

Financial Security

For your protection we have also lodged a bond with ABTA, in respect of package holidays that don't include air travel. Our membership of ABTA also means that we abide by the high standards set by ABTA's Code of Conduct and we can offer you an arbitration scheme to help resolve complaints.

Not all holiday and travel services sold by us are covered by ABTA protection.

Make new friends, meet other European youth groups

Our centres are used by groups from all over Europe giving you the chance of contacting groups of several different nationalities.

Profile on Jeka

Jeka Holidays Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jeka.vzw a non profit making association based in Belgium, therefore our motives are not strictly commercially orientated. As well as providing good value holidays for young people we are also involved in providing much needed aid to deprived people in the third world- notably in the Philippines and Brazil.


Like many cities in Brazil the streets of Salvador de Bahia are home to many young children abandoned by their families for one reason or other. Several years ago Mr Jan Van Mol a former youth worker living in Brazil, set up a canteen where these unfortunate children could drop in and receive at least one hot meal a day. Jeka have undertaken to pay the costs to feed up to 80 children each day at this centre.

The Philippines - Medical Outreach in Kristong Hari Church

We started working as volunteer physicians in the slums of Manila 16 years ago. This area has about 25,000 +/- families who are squatters on government land. Even with their lack of education and skills they are able to earn a living as ambulant hawkers in the streets, as tricycle drivers, laundry women and domestic helpers in the surrounding middle class housing suburbs. A good number scrounge the garbage dumps for items they can sell in the junk shops. With families having 7 or more children, their meager income is barely enough to keep body and soul together. Malnutrition, poor access to drinking water, over crowded dwellings, air pollution, ignorance, superstitious beliefs make the residents easy prey for gastrointestinal, skin and respiratory tract infections.

Manilla pictureTuberculosis is a major problem in the slums. In recent years, it is frightening that young adults are in moderate to advanced stage by the time they come to us. Treatment is long and expensive (6 months to a year, even longer). Due to the large number of tubercular patients, we designate Thursday each week just for the children with TB and Friday for the adults. Right now we have 173 children and 136 adults. Each week they come for their check up and for their supply of medicines.

Direct observed treatment system (DOTS) is the ideal way to manage tuberculosis where every patient must come to the clinic and swallow their medicines under our supervision. However, these patients are spread far and wide and do not have the money to pay for their transportation everyday.

We do not get any help from the government. Luckily, a German friend buys our medicine supply from Action Medeor, Germany. However, these anti TB medicines from Action Medeor are in tablet form, good for adults and older children. The liquid preparations for the children who are 2 years old and below have to be bought here. This is made possible with the financial gifts of our Belgian friends they send via JEKA. We are also able to buy milk powder to improve the nutrition for the children on this program.

It is gratifying that by the second month of treatment the patients show improvement. A few however drop out because of allergy to the medicines or they move to other slum areas. Some are multi-drug resistant. The majority persevere and get well.

From the 16 years in the slums we are happy of numerous success stories. Since we keep permanent record of our patients since 1989, we are ecstatic to see tiny under weight babies grow up, graduate high school and find employment in factories, a big economic improvement for the family. Disabled children were helped and can now do daily activities. Some even go to school in their wheel chairs. When a 60 year old woman comes in beaming and tells she has her job back doing laundry after graduating successfully from the TB program then it is indeed another victory for that family.

Thanks to JEKA we are able to continue this medical outreach program.

Dr. Ruth Morales, candidate Mother Theresa Award 1994